"Hammer of Freedom"
Muzzleloading jewelry offered exclusively by The Lucky Bag

The Lucky Bag is proud to introduce The Hammer of Freedom, a line of jewelry inspired by the flintlock firearms that won American independence.

On a quiet April morning in Lexington in 1775, the air held an unusual tension and anticipation.  The men who had gathered at dawn, and on such hurried notice, now nervously checked their weapons and waited.  They had heard that the government troops were on their way to confiscate their arms and ammunition.  They didn’t have to wait long before the troops, beautifully arrayed in their bright red uniforms, marched into view in the early morning light.  The troops halted and the moment turned very quiet. A few words were exchanged between the men gathered on the green and the officer in charge of the troops.  Then, without warning, a single flintlock hammer fell against a frizzen and sparked the “shot heard ‘round the world.”

Almost two hundred and forty years later, we still do not know who it was that fired that first round of the most momentous revolution in the history of mankind.  But we do know that, in its iron jaws, the hammer on that lock firmly held the flint that ignited a war and ultimately released America from the iron jaws of empire.

A free nation came into being by the will of a determined people bearing arms.  Over the years, that nation, and the free world, has been defended time and again by the equally courageous and determined descendants of those first patriots.   While the technology of their weapons changed with the generations, their right to be free Americans was won with a flintlock musket.

To many of us, the graceful hammer of a flintlock is a subtle symbol of that courage and determination.  It is also a symbol of our inalienable right to arm ourselves in defense of our freedoms, our families, our lives, and those who cannot defend themselves.  All of the freedoms we enjoy as Americans began with courage… and a flintlock on Lexington Green.

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