About:  If your tastes tend toward larger bore sizes, like cannon size bores, a linstock lets you stand far enough away from the vent to fire the gun and not get singed.  This is a high end version of a very old artilleryman’s tool.  The grip terminates in a distinctive brass “ground point” allowing the linstock to be easily struck into the ground vertically, in a safe area, when not in immediate use.   The brass shank is configured with a sliding retainer to keep the length of slow match in place during use.  These are built by hand, one at a time and can be customized for length.

Specifications:  Turned solid brass and walnut construction.  Overall length is 32 inches.  The grip is 8 inches long and the ground point is 3 ½.  The linstock includes 48 inches of untreated cotton slow match.

Price:  $250



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