Ramrod Pipe Clamps

About: If you’re a gun builder and you don't have some of these ramrod pipe clamps, you’re working too hard.  These clamps are indispensable for holding onto a cast or sheet formed ramrod pipe when you are filing, polishing, or engraving.  They grip remarkably well from the inside, allowing you to hold the pipe in any position, by hand or in conjunction with a vise.  They grip so well, in fact, that they can also be used to raise a dent or re-shape a deformed pipe from the inside out.

The clamp design is not a new idea, but these are a little more decorative than some other versions you’ll see, making them ideal for gifts.  (Besides, we’re gunsmiths.  Our tools are supposed to look cool.)

Specifications:  Brass.  Available in three diameters:  3/8", 5/16", and 1/4". 

Price: $12 each

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